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Environnement S.A Group to acquire TDL  Sensors Ltd

Picture. Christophe Chevillion, Roger Benson, Robert Holdsworth, David Meehan, Philip Martin, paul Sheel

Picture. Christophe Chevillion, Roger Benson, Robert Holdsworth, David Meehan, Philip Martin, paul Sheel

Environnement S.A Group, leading European supplier of environmental monitoring equipment, and the company TDL Sensors Ltd, high technology innovative company supplying laser based monitors for industrial applications, are proud to announce the acquisition of TDL Sensors Ltd by Environnement S.A Group. It allows the enlarged group to offer worldwide, the most advanced and wide range of solutions to match present and future challenges in respect of process or regulatory environmental monitoring requirements for industries.

This alliance will immediately contribute to the market release of a new range of innovative laser based emission monitors such as ultra‐low detection of HCl emissions, and accelerate both Research and Development in joint projects.

Environnement S.A Group commitment to the development of advanced instrumentation for global market is reinforced with the acquisition of TDL Ltd. TDL Ltd will retain its current management team and employees and plans to recruit additional product development professionals. The management of TDL Ltd and the broader Environnement S.A Group (including its existing UK subsidiary PCME Ltd) will focus efforts to the anticipated strong growth provided by synergies within the Group. It will benefit their respective customers, partners and employees in terms of expertise, quality and services.

François Gourdon, President and founder of Environnement S.A declares "We are very enthusiastic about the opportunities that we’ll be able to provide to our worldwide customers. The expertise of TDL Sensors Ltd through Tunable lasers (including cascade lasers) for the monitoring of high‐resolution gas concentration in industrial processes, combined with the expertise of Environnement S.A Group in the monitoring of gas and particulate, will definitively help to anticipate the worldwide requirements for much lower emissions".

Roger Benson, Chairman of TDL Sensors Ltd adds: “This strong partnership announced today will boost TDL Sensors Ltd growth plan and strategy, allowing our technology to reach new customers and new markets, while strengthening our capacity to develop new applications(on road vehicle emissions, carbon policies and carbon trade monitoring devices…)”.

About ENVIRONNEMENT S.A (www.environnement‐ : Environnement S.A, the European leading manufacturer of on‐line environmental monitors whose headquarters are based in Poissy (France), is a Public company since January 2006 listed on NYSE‐Alternext.   Founded in 1978, the Environnement S.A Group provides solutions to public and industrial decision makers responsible for environmental policy and compliance, helping them monitor and evaluate their ecological footprint. The company has developed advanced expertise in the following continuous monitoring fields: air quality, industrial emission, engine gas, water quality and radionuclide.

About TDL Sensors Ltd ( TDL Sensors Ltd was founded in 1999 and spun out of the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Manchester, to develop a tunable diode laser based gas analyzers.    In the following years, TDL Sensors have developed measurement solutions for the glass coating industry, ultra‐harsh processes, enclosed atmospheres for the protection of personnel, trace gas monitoring for the oil and gas industries and for the optimization of combustion in Steel Industries.


UK steel industry embraces new technology

TDL Sensors Ltd real-time, in-situ, multi-gas analyser installed to monitor a high temperature, high dust load steel manufacturing process.  

Interesting to read BBC's Roger Harrabin piece Steel jobs 'can be saved by tech', says energy researcher.  He was referencing The University of Cambridge's Professor Julian Allwood report on the future of the UK steel industry.  From our experience over the last two years working on a project to design and install a real-time multi-gas laser analyser on a steel manufacturing process, we have seen a willingness within the UK steel industry to embrace new technologies that can improve efficiency and productivity.



TDL Sensors Present at Manufacturing Innovation Seminar

TDL Sensors Present at Manufacturing Innovation Seminar

Digital Technologies for Manufacturing Innovation: Embracing Industry 4.0, 30th Nov-1st Dec 2015, The Trent Building, University of Nottingham.  It was an early start for Dr David Meehan travelling to Nottingham recently, prior to presenting at the Digital Technologies for Manufacturing Innovation: Embracing Industry 4.0 there was a stop scheduled at the Rotherham site of Tata Speciality Steels to check on the gas measurement system which would be the basis of the showcase presentation, but as expected, there was very little to do as the laser based gas analyser has been running with little to no maintenance since its installation earlier this year...

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